Average Cost of Rubbish Removal in Sydney

September 29, 2020

Rubbish removal costs can quickly pile up. The process of removing rubbish from your home or business can be frustrating, especially when the quoted price comes with hidden costs and fees. While the average cost of rubbish removal in Sydney hovers between $90-$130/m3, there are numerous factors that can impact rubbish removal fees Sydney. 

Let’s go over some of the main considerations for determining Sydney garbage removal services prices.

How much is waste removal in Sydney and what are my options?

Rubbish removal fees Sydney vary greatly. Generally speaking, the average cost of rubbish removal for households starts at $69/m3 (just like Ridly’s initial quote). However, on average customers have about two m3 of rubbish, which means Sydney garbage removal services prices fall just shy of $160.

Of course, this average cost of rubbish removal applies to Ridly. Other options for rubbish removal tend to cost more. For example, the four main service providers for rubbish removal in Sydney include:

  • Private collectors: Several private collectors provide rubbish removal in Sydney. According to estimates, the average cost of rubbish removal is $160, but this price will fluctuate depending on what type of rubbish you’re removing (i.e. mattresses, sofas, commercial waste, green waste etc.). Collection methods vary greatly, too. For the majority of private collectors, your rubbish will end up in the landfill, which has a negative environmental cost. In contrast, 90% of Ridly rubbish is recycled or reused. 
  • Skip bin: A skip bin has by far the most expensive rubbish removal fees Sydney, because you hire it for a certain period of time. For example, the smallest skip bin offered costs 2 cubic meters for $286/day. Sydney garbage removal services prices can easily skyrocket if you hire it for a few days, or if you need a larger container. This option is most useful if you’re doing ongoing construction work or have a long-term clean-up project. 
  • Go to the dump yourself: As a last resort, you can go to the dump yourself. However, this option is highly inconvenient because you’ll have to transport the rubbish yourself. This might not be possible if you have bulky items or a large amount of rubbish, especially if your vehicle is a regular household size. In addition, rubbish removal fees in Sydney run fairly high. Dry materials cost around $400/ton and garden materials around $250/ton. Going to the dump could end up costing you more than a private collector - and without the convenience of pick-up.  
  • Council pick-up: You might also benefit from Sydney’s free rubbish removal service. This cost-free council pick-up sounds great, but there are some limitations to be aware of. Council pick-up is only available from Monday to Friday with advanced booking and the wait time for getting an appointment can be delayed. You also have to put the items on the curb yourself, which may be difficult if your items are larger. In addition, not all rubbish is accepted. You can only get free pick-up for mattresses, old furniture and whitegoods. (Note: If you add other types of rubbish, the council will reject your pick-up.) 

As you can see, skip bins and going to the dump are expensive options, while council pick-up offers highly limited option. In the end, private collectors are often the most affordable and convenient option for your rubbish removal needs. 

How do private collectors calculate quotes for rubbish removal?

If you’re still wondering how much is waste removal in Sydney, we’ll give an overview of private collector pricing. The average cost of rubbish removal in Sydney depends on the private collector you hire. As you contact collectors for quotes, you should be aware of the factors that can raise the price of rubbish removal fees Sydney. 

  • Amount of waste ($): Typical quotes are made by the cubic meter. If you have a lot of rubbish to remove, you’ll have to pay more. This per cubic meter cost applies to common household rubbish, such as old furniture, e-waste, whitegoods, scrap metal and garden waste.
  • Location for pick-up ($):Your location for pick-up can also affect the final price. This is particularly true if you live in a more rural area. However, Sydney garbage removal services prices in urban areas are typically fixed.
  • Special household items ($$): Items like car tires & car batteries, heavy tree stumps and liquid waste are often priced separately. You should ask specifically about these special items, as they’re not typically per cubic meter. 
  • Construction debris ($$): Anything beyond household items will cost more as well. Construction debris including bricks, timber, concrete, steel, plastic, roof tiles, pipes and cupboards, etc. are priced differently from household rubbish. 
  • Commercial waste ($$): Businesses generally pay more for rubbish removal compared to households. You’ll have to ask a private collector for a quote for commercial rubbish removal. 
  • Household chemicals ($$$): Anything that could be considered hazardous or difficult to handle has a higher price tag, as these items require a permit to get rid of. This includes rubbish such as paints, oils, pesticides, cleaners, gas bottles, car batteries, asbestos, fibro and other flammable liquids. 

Who is Ridly rubbish removal?  

We are a rubbish removal start-up from Berlin in Germany. Our mission is to free Australia from landfill and to become the sole contact for residential and commercial rubbish removal in Australia. We are a young and dynamic team and we believe that with our fair and upfront pricing and our legendary same day service we can create new standards around rubbish removal in Sydney. 

Our rubbish removal works without the use of landfill and we try to recycle and reuse whatever is possible. Book your rubbish removal today and find out how easy it can be to get rid of your rubbish in Sydney.

Is Ridly more affordable than other private collectors?

We’re confident that Ridly is the most affordable and valuable rubbish removal provider in Sydney. How much is waste removal in Sydney really? Well, quotes at Ridly start at $69, which is below industry standard. At the same time, the value of our service is much higher than other private collectors. While the average cost of rubbish removal in Sydney might be similar to other collectors, we offer a more trusted, sustainable service.

For example, 99% of rubbish collected by our competitors ends up in the landfill. However, our mission is to provide sustainable rubbish removal. At Ridly, we’re committed to going landfill-free, so we recycle, donate or convert your rubbish into sustainable energy. At the end of the day, our average recycling rate is 90%. Now that’s a valuable rubbish removal service. 

What’s included in Ridly rubbish removal?

In our (unbiased) opinion, Ridly is the best rubbish removal service in Sydney. First, our pricing is cheaper than every other option, including skip bins and going to the dump yourself. Compared to other private collectors, we offer a full-range service. 

What can you expect with Ridly's average cost of rubbish removal in Sydney? Here are some of the key features of our service:

  • Upfront pricing: Our rubbish removal fees Sydney start at $69. You can easily get a free quote by calling or filling out our online form. The price is based on the space it takes up in our truck. You won’t find any hidden fees or surprises in our pricing.
  • 100% convenient: Any type of rubbish goes. We’ll pick it up same-day, any day of the week. You won’t have to lift a finger, either. We’ll handle all your rubbish on our own. If the rubbish is accessible outside, you don’t even need to be there for the pick-up. 
  • Specialists in safe, secure disposal: We take pride in being rubbish removal specialists. We use our equipment and experience to handle and dispose of your waste. We protect our customers with COVID contact-free pick-up as well. 
  • Sustainable mission: 99% of rubbish collected by our competitors ends up in the landfill, whereas our average recycling rate is 90%. Our mission is to create landfill-free rubbish removal through recycling, donating and converting rubbish into sustainable energy. 

Why is Ridly the #1 rubbish removal option in Sydney?

So, by now, you should know how much is waste removal in Sydney and understand that the average cost of rubbish removal can get expensive. However, with Ridly, you’ll get the most affordable private collector pricing, with a full-value service that prioritizes your convenience and safety, as well as the environment. It’s a real win-win for you, and for our planet. 

Support affordable and environmentally-friendly rubbish removal by hiring Ridly. You’ll find that the average cost of rubbish removal in Sydney is low, while the service value is high. Changing the rubbish industry starts by getting a free quote on our site, with no obligations. If you have any questions at all – do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team today.  

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