Council rubbish pick up - the advantages and disadvantages

February 7, 2021

Depending on where you live, the rules for waste removal can differ considerably, which can make it hard for residents to figure out what is the best option. In Sydney, rubbish is considered to be the responsibility of the household, which means that rubbish material needs to be prepared for removal by the residents. The local council will provide services such as waste collection and recycling. The rules can differ based on the council that operates in your area. This can make things hard for residents, and in some cases, the services the council provide are not enough. 

Ridly is a reliable and sustainable waste management company that is based in Sydney. If you find that your local council is not cutting it when it comes to managing your household waste, Ridly provide rubbish removal services for a wider variety of material in Sydney.

Does The Council Clean Up For Me?

One of the services councils can provide is a general waste collection for local residents, which is typically a weekly service. 

In Sydney, household waste is considered to be the responsibility of the homeowner which means that ultimately they have to take control of the rubbish and ensure they are managing each material responsibly. The council will still provide bins and a rubbish collection service, but you must do some work towards this too. 

In many locations, the council provides a weekly household waste collection service. With this service, all rubbish from your home will be collected by the council clean team and either recycled or added to landfill depending on the materials.

The rules for recycling rubbish will differ based on your location, but if a council is willing to collect household waste, they should also offer a recycling service for any recyclable material like glass or plastic. 

Not all councils operate in the same way, and you may find that your local authority does not remove waste or recycle the way you need. It can be hard for councils to find the funding for waste collection and recycling, which is why not every place in Sydney has a good general service that can be used for rubbish removal. 

If you are done using your council's waste management services and want to use something more sustainable, Ridly is Sydney's most sustainable waste management company and offers a same day rubbish collection service all over Sydney.

Council Clean Ups: The Dos

There are certain things you should do to help out your local council when it comes to managing waste and controlling rubbish collection. While this is not a free service usually, as those using it will have to pay taxes towards the council, it is still important for the community to work together to keep their area clean and safe.

When it comes to the way you dispose of rubbish and organise it for collection, there are some ways to make the council's job easier. These include:

Check the collection times for wheelie bins in your area

It is likely that your local council will do waste collection on a weekly basis, and you can expect to see the rubbish trucks in your area at least one day a week. It is important that you know when the rubbish collection day is for your area, and ensure that your rubbish is taken out the night before. 

Wheelie bins will be collected from the street, so make sure the bin is not on your property and is not blocked by vehicles, so the trucks have easy access to it.

Council rubbish pick up - the advantages and disadvantages
Council rubbish pick up - the advantages and disadvantages

Place all rubbish inside the bin

Any bags that are left out on the street will usually not be collected by the council and in some cases may result in a fine. The council clean team will only take rubbish and recycling from the wheelie bins provided.

Before the rubbish collection service date, make sure that all trash is in bags and sealed within the bin without overflow.

Ridly can take a larger amount of rubbish than what is accepted by local councils, no job is too big or too small. They even carry everything out of your house, garden or backyard and there are no further costs for labour or recycling.

Separate rubbish into separate bins

The rules for recycling can differ based on your location, but your local council should offer some kind of recycling service. Waste such as green waste or recyclable materials like plastic should be separated from general household waste and put into the correct bins.

Sydney councils provide more than one bin to households for this reason, and it is the resident's responsibility to separate the materials into the correct bins.

For example, plastic, paper and glass such as glass bottles can be recycled, and you can dispose of them in the green bin provided by the council. Food waste and green waste, such as foliage that comes from the garden, need to go in a separate bin from standard household waste as well.

Dumping all kinds of rubbish, like recycle materials and green waste, into the same bin can cause issues, and it may also result in fines from the council depending on their stance.

You can request a new bin from the council, depending on what you need. You may be charged for an additional bin.

Council Clean Ups: The Don'ts

There are some things that will not wash when it comes to using council clean services. The rules may differ based on your location, but in most cases, waste removal is limited to a certain kind of material and a certain amount in the bins. 

Your waste will not be collected by the council if you do not follow their rules.

Don't leave bags and boxes next to the bins

As we have mentioned, councils will not remove overfilled bins, and they do not help with any additional rubbish on the streets. Items left by the side of the bin will not be collected and may result in a fine.

This is why you should try to reduce your waste as much as possible and make sure that it will all fit into the right bin.

Don't overfill or over pack bins

If you want your rubbish to be collected, you need to be careful about what you put into the containers. You do not want to make it too hard for the council services to be able to take away your rubbish and they will not be able to do this if the bin is too heavy.

Don't block vehicles or pedestrians

Waste removal services are supposed to benefit the community, so you need to take care of where you place the bins and where they are left during the day.

On collection day, make sure that your bins are out on the street but not in a place where they will block a car from going down the road or a pedestrian walking. 

This is a potential threat to the community, and you need to ensure that you put your bin out on the street, but not in a way that will disadvantage others around you.

What Kind Of Rubbish Will The Council Collect?

Along with the standard weekly household waste removal, your local council should offer additional services for larger pieces of trash that need to be removed from your home. 

The standard rubbish removal services will not take all materials, including those that are hard and potentially dangerous. Items that are hard to throw away, like bulky furniture, will also not be collected in a standard rubbish service. 

Depending on your location, not all of these removal services might be available, however as standard a council should offer pick-ups for:

  • Mattresses
  • White goods, which are appliances such as washing machines
  • Green waste, which can be food waste or garden waste. This needs to be bundled together
  • Furniture and other bulky household items
  • E waste, such as televisions, computers or printers

You must speak to your local authorities about the removal services they offer to see what is possible in your area. If you are finding it hard to get waste collected, Ridly operates all across Sydney and takes all kind of rubbish starting from $69.

When it comes to the removal of household appliances like washing machines or small e waste such as a computer, the general collection service will not clean these items.

Instead, you must get in touch with your local authority to see what other services they provide. Typically, this kind of service will only be offered two times a year. 

In most cases, potentially harmful or toxic waste such as car parts (no matter how small) will not be suitable for a council waste removal service.

This is why many Australian's rely on Ridly, which is the most sustainable waste removal service in Sydney. Whether you have furniture or appliances like washing machines that you are no longer using, Ridly can provide a removal service for all items.

When Will The Council Collect Large Items?

Each council has a different schedule when larger items can be removed, but most locations will have some kind of service.

All councils should offer what is known as a Council Clean Up where large or bulky items can be put out for collection. The services provided on this day are different from the general waste collection performed every week, as it is specifically for people who have large items to remove, such as mattresses or household appliances.

Dumping large items like mattresses and household appliances when they are no longer of use can get people into trouble, which is why you should search for when the council in your area will provide a collection service for it. 

Typically, this only happens two times a year. 

One of the biggest advantages of going through a separate company such as Ridly when it comes to the removal of waste material is the fact there are no such time limits. 

This company can remove items that are hard for councils to collect any time you need, and they offer a wider variety of clean services across the city. If you have used council services but have found that you still have lots of rubbish left at home, then you should search for Ridly.

Ridly offers a different set of advantages when it comes to waste management. 

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