How to Dispose of Brick and Concrete

March 22, 2021

The construction industry in Australia is a primary contributor to waste that ends up in landfill.

At Ridly, we believe that learning how to dispose of brick and concrete responsibly, is of utmost importance.

According to RMIT University, the construction industry “generated 20.4 million tons (or megatonnes, MT) of waste from construction and demolition”. Of the 20.4MT of construction waste, 6.7MT was discarded in landfills across Australia. Other common building materials, such as bricks, concrete, timber, metal, plasterboard, asphalt, rock and soil, is recycled, illegally dumped, reused, reprocessed or stockpiled. The distribution of waste between these disposal methods is not clear. One thing that is clear; however, is that building materials including bricks and concrete are not being disposed of in the most sustainable fashion.

At the end of a lengthy project, it’s the ultimate concern for every tradie, home renovator, building manager, or construction specialist; how to dispose of brick and concrete? Despite being a frequent concern for many trade professionals, useful information on how to dispose of brick and concrete is hard to find. Most construction site professionals start to consider where to dump old bricks rather than removing them from the worksite in a responsible manner. The last responsibility you want on your hands at 3:30 pm on a Friday is how to dispose of old bricks and concrete.

Ridly are the leading brick disposal service in Sydney.

Construction Materials That Can Be Responsibly Recycled

Before we consider how to dispose of brick and concrete, let’s look at some of the building materials you may not be aware of that can be disposed of or recycled.

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Tiles
  • Metal
  • Timber and other untreated wood
  • Drywall and masonry blocks
  • Plasterboard
  • Asphalt
  • Rock
  • Carpet
  • Soil

In this article, we’ll focus predominantly on how to dispose of old bricks and concrete, however, please note that these disposal methods can be applied to a number of the building materials listed above.

Disposing of Bricks

Whether you’re a renovator undertaking residential demolition or a site manager dealing with construction waste, you’re likely dealing with a significant number of bricks and rubble. At the end of a long week, you’re probably seeking answers for “where to dispose of bricks near me?”.

Skip Bin or Dumpster

Hiring a skip bin is one solution to dump old bricks; however, it will only provide a temporary fix. Keeping a skip bin at the construction site or your residence can become very costly, very quickly. Additionally, a skip bin won’t dispose of the bricks. Instead, dumpsters just provide a neat, enclosed space for the bricks to stay temporarily.

Local Landfill

The lowest cost solution to where to dump old bricks is to take them to your local landfill. Landfill will only be a low-cost solution if you have appropriate transportation to get them to landfill, such as a ute or other large vehicle. However, note that local councils can turn away particular materials. Additionally, municipalities can charge for specific materials, so keep this in mind when considering costs.

Stockpiling Bricks

One way to dispose of old bricks is to keep them at your residence or the construction site. This method’s benefit is that you can save yourself, or someone you know, money in the long term by having bricks available for other projects, such as garden bed walls. This will depend on the condition of the bricks. Broken bricks can be dangerous and inconvenient to stockpile. Additionally, there is the issue of space. You can only collect bricks if it is safe to do so, and you have plenty of room to keep them, which, in Sydney, is highly unlikely.

Employ a Waste Removal Service

Did someone say “waste removal service?”. As Sydney’s most trusted local provider of waste removal services, Ridly will remove your rubbish within the same day. Ridly specialise in dealing with other construction waste disposal, including plasterboard, concrete and ceramics. Starting at just $69, our friendly professionals will help you dispose of bricks whilst providing helpful tips on how to dispose of brick and concrete in an environmentally friendly manner.

Now that you have an answer to the question, “where to dispose of bricks near me?”, there is no excuse to ‘dump’ old bricks just anywhere. If in doubt, you know you will always be able to depend on Ridly to get the job done effectively and sustainably.

Disposing of Concrete

From prominent construction companies to ambitious backyard-blitz residents, one significant problem remains consistent among all: concrete disposal. Ripping up or pouring concrete is exhausting, so at the end of a long workday, the last thing on most people’s mind is responsible for ways to get rid of concrete. Ridly are here to make a choice easy for you by outlining reasonable ways to dispose of concrete.

Recycling Concrete

Most concrete is recyclable. The way that concrete is recycled is that it is broken down, crushed and then mixed into new concrete. Using recycled concrete across construction applications avoids using other valuable resources that would typically be mixed in, such as gravel or sand. Whilst the primary users of recycled concrete are road construction companies; if you’re handy on the tools, you may be able to recycle concrete yourself. Alternatively, find a resource in which you can ensure your concrete is recycled for further use.

Sell or Donate the Concrete

If you’ve got concrete that is still in its packaging, there’s no reason you can’t sell or donate the concrete to a worthy cause. Selling the concrete will make your pocket heaver, whilst donating the concrete may contribute to a good cause for less fortunate people.

Hire a Waste Removal Service

The benefit of waste removal services is that they will take your hands’ concrete right without you needing to lift a finger. Regardless of whether you have large chunks of concrete (provided they are moveable, of course) or whether your concrete is still in its original packaging, Ridly will take care of it for you.

Ridly is Sydney’s most trusted provider of waste removal services and, aptly named, provides same-day rubbish removal services. Our friendly professionals will not only dispose of your rubbish but can provide expert advice on the most sustainable ways to remove construction waste from your site.

Understanding How to Dispose of Brick and Concrete Properly

Why should you care about how to dispose of brick and concrete properly? Whether you’re in a commercial or residential setting, understanding the correct disposal of bricks, concrete and other construction waste is essential. Here are the main reasons that you should be considering responsible and correct disposal of such materials:

Benefits of Correct Disposal of Construction Materials

Occupational Health and Safety

One of the undeniable benefits of correctly disposing of building waste is maintaining a safe worksite. When left unattended, building debris and rubble can pose severe risks to those working around it.

Prevent Fines

The incorrect or illegal disposal of building construction materials can leave you with large fines, and in extreme cases, jail time. Avoid severe penalties by doing the right thing for your worksite and the environment.

Better for the Environment

Recycling construction waste is undeniably beneficial for the environment. As mentioned previously, the construction industry contributes to a significant amount of the waste that ends in Australia’s landfill. As one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, the construction industry has a responsibility to ensure that construction waste is disposed of in ways that are not detrimental to the environment. However, the responsibility doesn’t need to be on the shoulders of the construction industry. Waste removal services such as Ridly help the industry by providing seamless rubbish removal services.

Keep Clients Happy

If nothing else, correctly dispose of waste to keep your clients happy. Those in the construction industry will be acutely aware that clients hate to visit dirty, disorganised, and dangerous worksites. Keep your clients safe and keep them happy by maintaining a tidy working environment.

Responsible Brick and Concrete Removal

Now that you’re aware of how to dispose of brick and concrete responsibly, you’re probably searching for the easiest way to dispose of your building waste. Ridly are an experienced team of rubbish removal professionals who pride ourselves on the safe, convenient and efficient disposal of the rubbish. Our friendly team can provide a free quote for your specific requirements, including the cost of recycling materials. To learn more about our Sydney-based construction waste disposal, contact the team today.

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