How To Dispose of Old Barbecues

June 15, 2021

There’s nothing quite like firing up the barbecue on a hot Australian summer’s day, cooking up a storm for friends and family alike as the sound of cricket echoes in the background

Unfortunately for some, the barbecue does not always get to see the light of day. For others, it’s seen too many backyard cricket games and has run past its expiry date, too old to function correctly again.

Whatever your barbecue situation may be, if you’re ready to get rid of your old unit, you’re probably wondering how to dispose of old barbecues. As is the case for many home appliances, purchasing a new one is often a lot satisfying than committing to fixing the old barbecue. In saying that, it is important to ensure that your old barbecue is disposed of in an environmentally sustainable fashion due to the potentially dangerous nature of certain gas grill components.

If you’re unsure as to how to dispose of old barbeques, look no further. Ridly is an expert provider of household rubbish removal and scrap metal pick up services, among others. Our aim is to ensure that the process of barbecue disposal is both ethical and stress-free. We strongly recommend following the beneath guide to disposing and recycling your old barbecue or engaging in other eco-friendly methods such as donation.

How to Dispose of Old Barbecue Parts: The Method

“How do I get rid of my old BBQ?” Follow this guide to become an expert in how to dispose of old barbecues.

Step 1: Take the Grill Apart

A barbecue is made up of several different parts. Only some of these parts are eligible for recycling purposes, and thus, each piece should be separated and sorted accordingly. It is also recommended to separate the parts between plastic and metal. This will make it easier to determine value when you’re scrapping the barbecue. Power tools will be needed to separate certain parts from the body of the barbecue. To know how to scrap a grill effectively, it is recommended to watch a YouTube tutorial if you’re unsure. This will convey how to detach certain parts from the grill properly.

Step 2: Remove the Propane Tank

Propane tanks are considered hazardous waste. In most areas, they are even banned from landfills – considered so dangerous that hazardous waste specialists are often engaged for the proper disposal of this waste.

Some gas suppliers will accept the empty propane tanks for recycling. Propane tanks that do not fall into this category can be delivered to the fire station department for safe handling and disposal.

Before the propane tank is disposed of, you must first make sure that the tank is empty of any gas whatsoever. Failure to follow this rule can lead to exposure to hazardous toxins and or cause flames to be released, which can harm both yourself and others. To know if there is propane still in the tank, turn the knob on slightly and you’ll be able to smell it. Do not check if there is still propane in the tank by lighting a knob, as the gas may just not be getting through to the burner but still be present. Once you have checked there is no gas left, cut the lines that supply gas, turn off the valve and loosen the bolts that attach the tank to the grill. Finally, dispose of the propane hose in the regular trash, as it is rubber.

Due to the potential dangers involving improper propane tank disposal, this is the most crucial step to abide by in our ‘how to dispose of old barbecues’ guide. If you are unsure or not confident in this step, you should engage a professional.

Ridly provides convenient same-day household rubbish removal services in Sydney, starting from just $69. We’re quick, convenient, and efficient – offering a respectful and trustworthy service focused on environmental sustainability and supporting the local community. So, if you’re looking for old barbecue disposal, request a quote today on 0491 181 130.

3. Remove Gas Valves

Most gas valves are made from either aluminium or brass. These are metals that can be recycled or sold for scrapping by metal dealers. 

4. Remove the Grill Body

The body of your grill will consist mainly of recyclable materials like stainless steel, regular steel, and aluminium. These metals can also be scrapped. These materials need to be recycled as they can be melted down and used to construct new products or develop other materials.

5. Remove the Grill Lid and Side Shelves

Like the grill body, grill lids and side shelves can be recycled if made out of recyclable materials. If your grill lid is plastic, it can also be recycled. However, make sure that your grill lid has a ‘recyclable sticker’ on it, which will indicate if the plastic is suitable for recycling. Knowing how to dispose of old barbecue parts is made much easier by leaving on the recycling stickers at the point of purchase. If there is no sticker present, it is likely that the plastic cannot be recycled and should instead be thrown away with regular trash. This same concept applies to the side shelves on your old barbecue.

6. Dispose of Electronics and Batteries

Recent figures generated by the ABS have shown that the Australian economy generated 465,818 tonnes of e-waste in 2016-2017, with 54.4% of this e-waste ending up in landfill. The data also shows that households and household appliances overwhelmingly produce the bulk of e-waste in Australia. In recent years, this number has only grown. E-waste in landfill is quite the dangerous conundrum as this type of waste often contains hazardous materials that will only degrade the natural environment.

As such, the electronics and batteries on your grill will have to be disposed of alongside any other regular household electronics. Electronics on a grill include ignition wires and electric controllers, among other bits and pieces.

Your city should have plenty of e-waste drop off points, with local councils holding regular e-waste collections. Otherwise, Ridly offers an expert electronic waste disposal service starting at a low price of $69. With Ridly, you can be sure that your electronic waste will be disposed of ethically, in a way that does not harm the natural environment.

7. Remove the Control Knobs and Barbecue Wheels

If your gas knobs are made from black plastic, they are more than likely recyclable. However, if they appear to be made from metal, they should probably be discarded with the regular trash. Likewise, plastic wheels can be recycled alongside other recyclable plastics.

How to Scrap a Grill: Mindful Disposal

Tackling how to dispose of old barbecue parts can seem like a daunting and lengthy task due to the effort required to take it apart and then dispose of the respective parts ethically. In saying that, this effort will inform you about the number of varying resources that make up a typical household item. Moreover, you’re more likely to try and extend the lifecycle of other common household appliances to avoid having to dispose of similar items regularly. But it’s a positive life skill to have, and you can find comfort in knowing that you’ve done your bit for the environment!

The Importance of Recycling

So, why is it so important to know how to dispose of old barbecue parts properly? As Australia’s landfill continues to build up with hazardous material and recyclable materials, it is more crucial now than ever to ensure proper disposal for the betterment of the environment.

Recycling materials from old barbecues allows us to conserve other valuable natural resources and will cut down on emissions resulting from mining efforts undertaken to locate natural resources for the production of new appliances. Recycling materials such as those found in old barbecues also preserves biodiversity, as habitats that would otherwise be used for harvesting new materials are left undisturbed. However, as landfill sites are quite sizeable, the creation of one disrupts the surrounding local species.

As buried material decomposes into the soil beneath, harmful chemicals are released into air and groundwater systems, contaminating the water supply, leading to an adverse effect on local communities. Moreover, the manufacture of new appliances from raw materials consumes high amounts of non-renewable energy. Recycling products to create new items requires much less energy and thus is a much more sustainable method long-term.

As an added bonus, plenty of industries offer people financial incentives for each material submitted for recycling. So not only do you help the environment, but you can also make your pockets feel a tad heavier!

You Can Make a Difference

As you can see, the importance of recycling cannot be understated. More recycling means less waste in landfills, less pollution in both air and water systems, and healthier lives for local species, among other benefits.

Have you been asking yourself, “how do I get rid of my old BBQ?”. Still struggling to figure out how to dispose of old barbecue parts properly? No need to stress, Ridly has got you covered.

When you rely on Ridly for the collection and proper disposal of your old barbecue, rest assured you’re contributing to the protection of our environment. We are proud to offer recycling services that are geared toward sustainability and supporting the local environment. Need a free quote? Ridly offers same-day waste disposal that Sydney residents trust – give us a call today on 0491 181 130 if you’re looking to dispose of an old barbecue. Quick, convenient, and efficient, we’ll do the job and be on our way with minimal disruption to your day.

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