How to get your apartment back to shape during corona

April 23, 2020

During the Corona time most of us are forced to work from home. However, many keep home and office strictly separated. Those who have been sent to Home Office spend a lot more time at home than they are used to. This can quickly result in proper home blues. Things that were never really in place, start to annoy you even more. Why not use this time at home to change everything you always wanted to change in between your four walls. With only a few simple steps you can give your apartment a new look,  and all can be done by yourself. If you need a bit more space and want to get rid of a few items, just give Away Today rubbish removal a call. Away Today is the most sustainable solution in Australia to get rubbish removed and recycled.

For most of us, such a change of scenery has long been superfluous. But in a normal working day you rarely find the time to implement such things. Renovating your own four walls takes a lot of time. It's a good thing that we have plenty of time at home during the corona isolation. So stop streaming, use your boredom and get to work. 

Here are 3 easy steps to get your apartment back to shape:

  1. Make room for new things
  2. Design your new apartment
  3. Renovation, made by you! 

Make room for new things 

If you really want to change something at home, you will quickly realise that moving the furniture a little is not enough. Many pieces of furniture are usually dragged from apartment to apartment. From move to move, new things are added that actually only fit into the respective apartment. So now you sit in a pile of furniture that is usually also partly old and broken. If you are serious about the project "home renovation", it is best to follow this advice: "less is more". Write yourself a list of the things you want to part with and make sure that you get rid of these things. 

Once in the frenzy of tidying up, additional items will quickly be added to the typical old couch. Most of them are still usable, but a stain on the furniture or a quirk usually drastically reduces the value of the old items. So the effort of selling via the internet is only rarely worthwhile. The quickest and cheapest way to get rid of your items is now with a rubbish removal company. Even during corona times, many of these companies are able to help you at short notice. Your items are collected from your home the same day and taken for recycling. So don't waste your time selling or transporting old furniture, but rather concentrate on the new design of your home.

How to get your apartment back to shape during corona
How to get your apartment back to shape during corona

Design your new look yourself 

Once you get rid of your old objects, you can start designing your new apartment. Those who now believe, without any experience in interior design, that they are stuck with a visit to the next furniture store are wrong. Many of the furniture stores now offer an online planning tool with which you can easily redesign your own apartment. Besides inspiration for your new design, you can also order the items directly online. For instance, Ikea offers with "design your space" a simple solution to create your own design in just a few steps. If you are satisfied with your new design, you can try out the delivery service of the furniture stores during corona times. While the furniture here is simply delivered to your front door, you can take care of a new coat of paint in your home in the meantime. 

How to get your apartment back to shape during corona
: Renovation, made by you

After mucking out and planning your new apartment, now comes the fun part. If you have not only decided on a new furnishing but also on a new paint job or other renovations, you can now make the best use of the remaining time in your home office to be active within your own four walls. No idea about painting and renovating? No problem! On the Internet there are many possibilities to help yourself through so-called DIY (do-it-yourself) videos. Pages like "Home RenoVision DYI" offer a wide range of simple instructions to become active at home. Fun guaranteed! Once everything has been renovated, the furniture is already there and your home shines in a new look. You have used the past time to be active while the rest of the time in Corona isolation can now be enjoyed - thanks to the new look.

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