How to keep your home corona-free?

April 23, 2020

Because the fight against the coronavirus is not only fought in hospitals. In the fight against the coronavirus, good hygiene is essential. But how is that supposed to be, hygienic living and how to keep you home corona-free?

Wash hands and take off jewelry

The most important thing we can do is strictly observe hygiene rules. Not easy, because washing your hands is not just waving some soap under a jet of water. Hands and wrists have to be washed well: the front, back, between the fingers, thumbs, nails, palms. Besides, change the fabric towels regularly. Also important is to use soap from a disposable bottle and take off rings, bracelets and watches first, otherwise your hands will never be clean. Even better: leave jewellery out for now. 

When should you wash your hands? At least before preparing food, after going to the toilet, coughing and sneezing, blowing the nose, playing outside, changing children, stroking animals and after cleaning.  And while we're at it: keep as much as possible away from your hands, eyes, nose and mouth. This is not easy, because we all do it dozens of times a day. Behavioral change isn't easy, but what you learn now will come in handy for the rest of your life. Even in other epidemics. 

How to keep your home corona-free?
How to keep your home corona-free?

Clean hand contact points

Especially now that we spend so much time at home, objects and surfaces that you often touch with your hands should be cleaned regularly. Think of door handles, light switches, stair railings, remote controls, toilet flush buttons, and not to forget: your telephone and keyboard. In these places, pathogens are more often present and can be spread more quickly. Fortunately, phones nowadays are often watertight, which makes a difference.

Clean with all-purpose cleaner

Any all-purpose cleaner works, cheap or expensive. So, you can clean in the usual household way. Viruses such as corona have a mantle of fat around them. By washing well with soap and water, the virus can be destroyed. Any regular soap can pierce the mantle of the virus and so the remains of the virus can be washed away with water. Water and soap do very well, but cleaning wipes are also effective, just like disinfectants. All kinds of expensive chemical detergents are not necessary and are only bad for the wallet and for the skin.

First dry, then wet cleaning

Clean dry first and then wet. So, first vacuum and dust, then mop or wipe with a damp cloth. In addition, it is important to start with the least dirty places and then the less clean ones. In this way, the cleaning items are less likely to get dirty. And work from high to low - that way, dust and dirt does not fall on a place that is already clean.

Keep your distance at the dining table 

This cannot be new to you either: avoid all physical contact for the time being. 1.5 meter distance, that's the distance that virus particles can no longer bridge. That applies to everyone you love, including grandparents and good friends. Also keep your distance at the dining table. Adjust your furnishing if necessary.

Don't share food

Also when preparing food, always wash your hands before and after cooking. Also the kitchen worktop and stuff that was used to prepare the food such as chopping boards, bowls and plates should be cleaned after use. Unpacked products should be washed with water, as usual. What's not wise is to share your biscuit or place a joint tray with nuts.

How to keep your home corona-free?

Cleaning supplies are also hotbeds for pathogens, so clean these thoroughly. Remove dust from the vacuum cleaner's mouth, rinse buckets and throw away wipes and mops or wash them at 60 degrees. Then let them dry thoroughly. If you need to get rid of any kind of rubbish within that difficult time then try Rldly rubbish removal. Ridly is Sydneys greenest and most trusted rubbish removal. In these uncertain times, we are particularly aware that society must stick together. This is why we try to help our residential and commercial customers to dispose of and recycle their waste in the best possible way. We are a safe way to dispose of your waste in Sydney in a 100% sustainable way and guarantee the lowest prices. Our rubbish removal service starts at $69 and no job is too small or too big for us. We recycle today, for a better tomorrow. Just give us a call for a free quote and pick up today.

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