Recycle Air Conditioners: Where to Take Old Air Conditioners

April 27, 2021

During our classic Australian summers, air conditioners are an absolute necessity to keep you comfortable at home. In the unfortunate event that your air conditioner falls apart, putting an end to your indoor relaxation until you find a replacement, you’ll be tasked with having to recycle air conditioner parts.

Suppose you’re finding it daunting and hard to figure out how to properly dispose of your air conditioner, primarily due to the laws and regulations surrounding it. In that case, you might be starting to think “where to dump air conditioner parts” rather than “where to recycle air conditioner parts”. Ridly urge you not to dump your air conditioner, but instead, find the answers you need and offer a seamless solution you can be confident in.

Ridly are Sydney's leading provider of white goods removal services. We’re here to ensure that the process of disposing of and recycling your air conditioner is both responsible and stress-free. As such, our core focus on recycling means that we're experts when it comes to recycling air conditioners and where to take old air conditioning units.

By the end of this article, you’ll have no problem understanding where to take old air conditioners, why it is preferable to recycle air conditioners, and how Ridly can help you recycle air conditioners. Let’s start with the basics:

Why Should We Recycle Air Conditioners?

It is beneficial to recycle air conditioner parts as the refrigerant in older air conditioners are one of the significant contributors to the destruction of the ozone layer. Air conditioners and other white goods are classified as hazardous waste and cannot be thrown in the trash.

In order to effectively recycle air conditioner components, all hazardous materials need to be removed so that they no longer pose a danger to the environment. The appliance is crushed and shredded, and once the material has been removed, the steel, metal, copper and plastic can be re-used to make new and improved items.

How to Recycle Air Conditioners:

Ridly are leaders in the area of white goods removal, donating as many materials as possible due to our focus on environmental sustainability.

If you’ve been wondering ‘where to recycle air conditioners’, look no further than Ridly – our experts will dispose of your white goods in no time. Ridly work with the most sustainable recycling facilities in Sydney to ensure that your air conditioners are disposed of ethically.

Alternative Methods of Disposing of an Air Conditioner

So now that we’ve explained why recycling is the preferable method when disposing of an air conditioner, we’ll provide a detailed analysis of alternative approaches to help you figure out where to take old air conditioners and avoid asking yourself where to dump air conditioner parts.

Where to Take Old Air Conditioners: Re-selling

If your air conditioner hasn’t completely blown out and is still useable, or even if you just decided it was time for an upgrade and you now have an excellent, old air conditioner lying around waiting for a new home – reselling is always a solid option.

What are the benefits of reselling?

  • You get money in your pocket!
  • Reduce the chance of harmful waste dumping into the environment.
  • Your second-hand air conditioner does not end up in a landfill.
  • Your air conditioner gets a second home. It will be thankful for your gratitude.

What are the limitations to reselling?

  • It has to be useable and worth payment still
  • Must be aware of the selling value of the machine – can be subjected to hard bargaining.
  • You will have to transport the air conditioner to a location

You can resell your air conditioner through a second-hand dealership, private sale or by contacting your initial retailer. The best way to ensure that you get the most value for your machine is by doing the proper research and utilising the right sales platform.

Where to Take Old Air Conditioners: Kerbside Collection

Suppose for whatever reason; your air conditioner is not in good enough condition to be resold or even recycled. In that case, you can call your local council directly about removing the air conditioner. The good thing about this method is that the manual labour is quite limited, as it does not have to be moved far.

However, it is not possible to guarantee when the air conditioner will be collected as it depends on the council and their availabilities.

Moreover, if the air conditioner is left out on the grass for a while, hazardous wastes can leak into the environment rather than being disposed of correctly and for the environment’s benefit.

In direct comparison to removal services like Ridly, we can offer same-day delivery and ensure a sustainability conscious approach.

Where to Take Old Air Conditioners: Local Waste Depot

Local waste depots are more than happy to speak with individuals about their waste removal requirements. This is a solid solution when considering where to take old air conditioners as they will end up being recycled, saving natural resources.

However, there are some limitations to this method:

  • Some depots may not accept the refrigerator due to location.
  • They may still charge a fee.
  • There is still a risk of hazardous waste leaking into the environment.
  • You still have to transport the air conditioner to the depot, rather than having a removal service do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • It is uncertain as to how long it would take for the air conditioner to be appropriately disposed of. It may take days, or it could take weeks.

When weighing up your options between taking the air conditioner to your local waste depot or contracting a rubbish removal service, it is essential to consider that traditionally, waste depots do not hold a strong reputation for being environmentally considerate during waste removal. Make sure you choose wisely, as some local waste depots are better than others.

Where to Take Old Air Conditioners: Upcycle

Upcycling is the creative process of recreating a new item from an unwanted item or used materials. It’s quite an inventive way to reduce waste whilst also being environmentally sustainable. If you’re looking for a project, this could be the right solution for you!

Benefits include:

  • Cosmetic upgrade! You can now focus on your art skills rather than scouring the web/store for a new machine or negotiating times with the council.
  • Cheaper than purchasing a new one
  • Limited physical labour required in contrast to other alternatives

Where to Take Old Air Conditioners: Trade

Many retailers will accept trades for used air conditioners as long as it is in decent condition when you purchase a new one. A lot of the time, depending on the retailer, they will even offer a pickup time. The good thing about this method is that you can remove your old machine and buy a new one at the same time – efficient and convenient!

The benefits of trading in your air conditioner include:

  • Many retailers offer this service
  • Limited manual labour
  • Retailers other than the one you initially purchased the machine at will still accept your trade offer if it is in useable condition

The limitations of trading in your air conditioner include:

  • Some retailers may not accept your air conditioner due to its condition
  • They are experienced negotiators that may be more of a hassle in comparison to a private sale

Where to Take Old Air Conditioners: Donation

It is important to note that it must still be in working condition if you’re considering donating your air conditioner. Donating your air conditioner will not only help those in need but also keep hazardous materials away from landfill. Consider donating to friends or family without a working air conditioner, or a local charity nearby.

The benefits of donating include:

  • Helping those who are not financially advantaged and unable to purchase an air conditioner

The limitations to donating include:

  • Having to engage in manual labour to transport the machine
  • Sometimes charities won’t be able to receive the air conditioner because they will have to pay for a test to confirm that the product is safe.

Ridly: Helping You Dispose of Your Air Conditioner

As you can see, there are several different options when considering where to take old air conditioners, each with their own number of benefits and limitations.

Air conditioners can be hard to remove and heavy to lift. Ridly’s ultimate goal is to help the community of Sydney responsibly dispose of their unneeded white goods. Where ever you are in Sydney, we’ll be able to help you remove your unwanted goods.

When you rely on Ridly for the collection of your air conditioner and other white goods in Sydney, rest assured you’re doing your bit for the environment. All you have to do is give us a call on 0491 181 130 and describe your circumstance. We’ll give you a free quote over the phone and send out our experienced rubbish experts on the same day with no hidden fees to help you out.

Our white goods removal service starts at just $69 and doesn’t require you to do anything more than a quick phone call. Rubbish removal has never been so easy.

Ready to be rid of it? Grab a quick quote from our team.

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