Rubbish removal experts or Airtasker for rubbish removal?

February 15, 2021

It is important to take responsibility for rubbish removal to ensure not only the safety of your household but also the environment. Household waste comes in various forms, and a lot of it can be recycled, which is why it is a good idea to check out professional rubbish management companies that can not only offer waste removal services but also recycle rubbish like Ridly rubbish removal in Sydney. 

Some people have been using Airtasker for this in Sydney, NSW Australia. However, as of Feb 2021, there have been several scandals to come out of the company for their rubbish removals.

While you can search on Airtasker for someone to have rubbish taken to the tip, there is no guarantee that this is what you will get. In Feb 2021, there have been multiple cases of scams being provided on Airtasker so we would highly recommend you try a professional rubbish removal company instead to make sure your rubbish will be disposed in the most sustainable way.

We are going to compare the latest review of Airtasker with professional rubbish services in NSW Australia to see which offers the most reliable waste collection and disposal services for Feb 2021. 

What Is Airtasker?

Airtasker is a Sydney-based online marketplace that can be used by customers to outsource an everyday task. Tell us what you need, and we can find someone to get it done for you, is the standard working practice of Airtasker. 

Using Airtasker, you can find the perfect person for your task, whether that is maintenance, cleaning, or handyman work. This mobile and online marketplace works by allowing users to post their needs onto a community tab, based on their location, and they will get offers from trusted taskers who will bid to get the job.

You might find someone who will take away rubbish. Sometimes you have a shocking experience and find out that it has been much more expensive than it needed to be. This is just one of the issues we will be looking into for this article, but Airtasker can be useful for many people. 

Many people across Australia have seen success using Airtasker and the online community it has created, however, some problems have emerged recently. Because of how easy Airtasker makes it to get in contact with professionals who can help with your everyday tasks, many people have tried to use the community to find rubbish services in NSW Australia and beyond.

Why Use Airtasker?

While there may have been some issues when it comes to the handling of household waste by services available on Airtasker, this can still be a very useful tool for many across Australia. 

Some of the benefits of Airtasker include:

1) Free to post

2) Highly recommended local services

3) Search based on location, latest review, great prices, and kind of service available

If you need someone for everyday tasks, then Airtasker can be a great source to use. Once you have made a post to the community, which you can search by locations (view more, top locations, see on the map) you will get offers from a variety of people in your area.

Rubbish removal tasks in Australia can be expensive due to the number of fees that recycling centres require. This is why people are looking for alternative ways to take away rubbish like cardboard boxes and paper, from their NSW Australia site but Airtasker might not be the best option.

Following the latest review from Feb 2021, many people have been scammed when searching for rubbish services on Airtasker as you can see in the article from 9now.  

How Does Airtasker Work?

In NSW Australia, Airtasker PTY Ltd is typically a recommended service. 

This is an online marketplace that allows you to connect, get verified, request a quote, and hire experienced workers in certain fields who can help with everyday tasks, which is why many people have attempted to use the app for rubbish services.

It is quite easy to use Airtasker to find someone who can help with any task, such as rubbish removal tasks like office rubbish removal services in Feb 2021. To find someone who can help you with a range of everyday tasks, there are three simple steps:

1) Post your task

Publish to the community highlighting the rubbish tasks you need to be done in a post

2) Review offers

Get searching through the responses you have been given, and view profiles 

3) Get it done 

Choose the right tasker for your needs based on the rubbish removal reviews, verified badges, latest review posts available - get it done on time. 

Find someone verified, request a quote before hiring. 

Why Do People Look For Rubbish Removal At Airtasker?

In NSW Australia, there are specific rules that must be followed when it comes to rubbish removal, and there are high fees involved to bring your rubbish to recycling centres. This is why a lot of people go online to find someone who can get it done for them in Feb 2021.

At Airtasker, you can search for the kind of task you need to get done such as rubbish removal services, related rubbish management services, and so on. To help you choose the right person for the job, the app highlights taskers through reviews where other customers will tell you whether they got it done and whether they recommend them as a service.

You can search through Airtasker through related services, view more related locations, trusted taskers, and view profiles. Some of these profiles will be verified, badges digital ID that indicates whether they are recommended.

To start your search for rubbish management on this app, you need to post your task, tell people what it is you need to get done and where you are based. This is when taskers will comment on your post and offer their services in rubbish collection so you can get it done. You can also find the right person for your job based on the latest review posts, comments from other uses, and whether they have any badges.

Is Airtasker A Good Option For Rubbish Removal?

Airtasker is a good service that can be used in Sydney, NSW Australia to help you find quick and efficient services for your needs.

There are lots of options on this website if you need someone for your handyman tasks or cleaning jobs. Searches are easy to complete as you can view locations, search based on task, and find reliable professionals who got the job done based on verified badges mobile or online whether you are looking for a handyman or something else. 

However, in Feb 2021 the rubbish removal services found at Airtasker are not something many would recommend.Due to the rules that are operating for example in NSW Australia, rubbish removal and rubbish recycling services are very expensive for privat persons. However, as of Feb 2021, there have been several scandals surrounding rubbish removal from Airtasker with many people being scammed.

Some people have been scammed through this mobile application, where they thought they had hired responsible rubbish removal services only to find that their rubbish was being dumped illegally. Not only have people had to pay for the rubbish removal services upfront, which based on the recycling fees that are required in NSW Australia for private companies this is not cheap, but also fines from the local authorities for their rubbish being dumped illegally after all.

If you are going to be looking for rubbish removal on Airtasker, make sure that you are choosing those with badges, mobile verified, request a quote before committing and ask questions about how they are managing to get you rubbish completely recycled and not just dumped to landfill or in worst case illegally dumped.  

This is one way to find reliable rubbish management services, if they are verified, requesting a quote should not be an issue. You can also see the latest review given to every user on Airtasker, making it easy to see whether they have done a great job of rubbish removal in the past.

But there are much easier options and more secure ways to get you rubbish removed in a stainable and reasonable way.

What Other Options Are There?

If you don't want to take the risk with Airtasker for your rubbish, there are other options for those based in Australia for all kinds of rubbish including household, garden waste, white goods removal and recycling rubbish services. 

Even if you search by badges, mobile verified, request a quote, and find someone who you think might offer a good service, nothing can beat a professional expert rubbish removal company like Ridly rubbish removal in Sydney. You can get offers from verified people on Airtasker, but this does not mean they will be providing a responsible service.

It is always a better decision to choose a company for rubbish removal over a private rubbish handler because this can save you money in the long run, as well as ensuring that your rubbish is being handled responsibly. 

While you might find someone verified, request a quote, and find a good deal on Airtasker, it is important to remember that the taskers on this website can offer low dumping prices because they are withholding a large commission for their rubbish handling services. This large commission is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to Airtasker, as not all of the services on this app set out to scam users. But, the high commission rates and high recycling fees put on private rubbish firms across Australia do make it difficult for single taskers to recycle rubbish efficiently, because if they pay the high rate at the recycling centres there would not be anything left for themselves. This is explained in further detail by Airtasker, watch video 1 post for more details.

If you are looking for someone available to get the removal done when it comes to rubbish removal and recycling, then you can rely on a local and professional rubbish service like Ridly.

Why Rely On Ridly

Ridly is the top service for rubbish management and rubbish removal in Australia. As of Feb 2021, this company continues to be one of the highest-rated in the country for rubbish removal, and they offer responsible rubbish management services to businesses and residents in Sydney. Their service is beyond waste and loved from especially Sydney locals.

If you want to get it done well and rely on great service, then we’d highly recommend using a professional rubbish removal company like Ridly. There are various benefits to using a professional company like this over Airtasker, including:

Fully insured and protected

Unlike relying on a rubbish contractor from Airtasker, companies like Ridly are fully insured and therefore covered in the case of an accident, damage, or other issues when working through rubbish removal. 

Responsible recycling and rubbish handling guaranteed

While some of the taskers with badges mobile verified request response will claim to offer responsible rubbish recycling, this is not always a guarantee. Whether you are working with an office rubbish removal, are handling a lot of cardboard boxes, or doing a home clear out recycling rubbish is the most important part of the whole waste management process.

This is where Airtasker can go wrong with rubbish removal because the recycling fees for private rubbish vendors are much higher than for companies like Ridly. This is becauseRidly, for example, takes tonnes upon tonnes of rubbish to the recycling centres and therefore gets better conditions than a private person.

As of Feb 2021, Ridly continue to have contracts with recycling rubbish centres in Sydney so they can take away responsibly all kinds of household rubbish like furniture, white goods, food waste, cardboard boxes and other rubbish.

The high recycling fees make it difficult for those using Airtasker, even those with verified badges mobile or online, to provide the same service. This is why we highly recommend using a professional rubbish service like Ridly for rubbish removal in Feb 2021. 

Larger jobs available

A great benefit of going with a professional rubbish company for waste management is the wider range of rubbish management services they can provide. These kinds of companies can take away a range of rubbish and recycling waste, suitable for larger commercial projects or residential clear-ups. This is because they have more manpower than any team on Airtasker. Check out the latest review, great response from customers for more. 

Safety First

In Feb 2021, safety is a concern which is why Ridly is better prepared to handle the restrictions we are facing in Feb 2021. The entire Ridly team has regular training and education on safety. Each team member is highly professional and well trained.

Fully equipped

We'd highly recommend Ridly as they can handle all rubbish, including garden waste removal. It can be difficult to find someone on Airtasker in Feb 2021 who can handle garden waste even if they are mobile verified. Because most likely they don't have the big trucks to take away your green waste in a smart way. Request a quote and see what they can offer, but it is unlikely to match up to professional rubbish removal. 

Ridly caters to various waste management needs, and they have tools such as:

  • Trolley: This is used for protection when lifting heavy rubbish like fridges
  • Sledge Hammer: This is used to break up larger, heavier objects to squeeze more rubbish in a truck load
  • Covers and Ropes: These are used to ensure road safety when rubbish is taken to the recycling centres

Relying on a professional rubbish removal service like Ridly is the safest and most environmental option to get rid of any kind of rubbish.

If you're still not sure why don't you give the friendly stuff of Ridly rubbish removal a call on 0491 181 130 and ask all your questions. They offer a free quote and same day service all over Sydney.

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