Rubbish Removal vs. Skip Bins

March 29, 2022

Rubbish removal vs skip bins: which one should you choose to get rid of your waste? Good question!

Managing waste is an essential part of all of our lives. According to the latest figures, Australians produce 540kg of waste per person, per household – each year! That’s an astounding amount of garbage. When it comes to getting rid of it, skip bins and rubbish removal are the two most preferred methods to clear our houses from waste. But which is better? Both will help you get rid of the garbage, but each have their individual merits and downfalls. Ridly will discuss both options and how to best dispose of your waste effectively.

Rubbish Removal vs. Skip Bins: Which Is Best?

Before we jump into comparing the two, let’s look at skip bin removal.

What Is a Skip Bin?

A skip bin is a large open-topped metal vessel used to manage rubbish until it is full and ready to be taken away for disposal. The significant difference between skip bin hire and other rubbish removal services is that the effort to sort and load the skip falls on the shoulders of the organiser. Skip bins can take all kinds of waste, from green waste, construction debris, to household items. However, for practical disposal of rubbish, only one type of waste should be in each bin.

Skip bin hire schemes do not accept all types of waste. Check what you can and can’t dispose of before planning your waste removal via skip bin.

The Benefits of Renting a Skip Bin

1. Versatile

Hiring a skip bin gives you many options in the kinds of waste you can dispose of; skip bins are a great way of compiling the waste you produce. These bins can be delivered directly to your job site and be scheduled for collection at your convenience. Skips come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of each site.

2. Ensuring Safety

When left out and left to compile in an unorganised way, rubbish can become a safety hazard in a worksite. Having a skip bin allows for a cleaner worksite and gives workers more space to operate by removing unnecessary clutter. Loading and unloading a skip bin is all machine operated, saving your workers the stress on their bodies.

3. Time Value

When completing work with a contract, time is a precious ally. Having a skip bin organised saves your time by avoiding the need to go all the way to tips to transport waste out of your own pocket. Effective use of a skip bin will streamline your waste management process.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Many skip-bin hire companies also offer effective waste management to sort and recycle the contents of the skips. Proper waste management and avoiding pollution are vital steps in ensuring your company has a minimal environmental impact.

What About Rubbish Removal Services?

Sorting rubbish on your own is a huge hassle. The main difference between hiring a skip bin and opting for a rubbish removal service is that the responsibility of loading the bin falls on your shoulders. Some hire schemes can also sort the rubbish and ensure it is loaded into the correct bins before being collected. With a rubbish removal company like Ridly, we will sort out all the waste and ensure it is categorised appropriately to guarantee recyclables are sent back into their life cycle.

Benefits of Hiring a Rubbish Removal Company

1. Fast Service

Rubbish removal is a rapid service that thoroughly cleans your waste from your chosen location. Compared to a skip bin which relies on your ability to fill it up promptly before it is taken away, Ridly offers a same-day collection service that can get the waste away so you can focus on the rest of your clean up.

2. Convenient

An effective rubbish removal service will operate behind the scenes to your business’s focus. Our team will be in and out and clear your waste without having to lift a finger. You will not need to worry about correctly sorting your waste either; with Ridly’s rubbish removal service, we sort all the waste we collect and ensure it is recycled where necessary after collecting it all—saving you time and money.

3. Prevents Legal Complications

Incorrectly disposing of toxic or harmful waste carries serious legal ramifications. Even if you aren’t aware of what can be disposed of and where, you can still face punishment. Using a rubbish removal company takes the stress away from correctly disposing of your waste. Ridly is experienced in all kinds of construction waste, household waste, and other goods that require conscientious disposal.

4. Budget-Friendly

Rubbish removal vs skip bins – who comes out on top when it comes to cost-effectiveness? If you have masses of rubbish, there are significant costs associated with removing the waste in your own time. Why take the extra time to clear and transport the trash yourself to a skip bin when you could hire a rubbish removal service to clear and remove it all? Rubbish removal is a complete process compared to skip bin hire and removes the more time-consuming aspects.

Skip Bin vs Rubbish Removal: What Comes Out on Top?

You need to ask yourself several key questions before selecting between rubbish removal vs skip bins for your waste management system.

Do You Have a Lot of Space?

The more rubbish a skip bin holds, the more space it will take up. Larger skips are a considerable nuisance on smaller sites where a lot of waste is generated. Extensive renovations or demolition jobs in smaller residential spaces will require more space for skip bins. Often these skip bins are left out on the street, which can cause a hassle with neighbours or with council regulations.

On the other hand, rubbish removal services will ensure your waste is collected responsibly and removed from the vicinity of the site quickly to let you get back to your neat space to resume work.

How Much Work Do You Want to Do?

So, skip bins vs rubbish removal, what is more work? When you hire a skip bin, collecting the rubbish around your worksite or home is ultimately your responsibility. You need to ensure your site remains tidy. Having a clear workspace is just another of hundreds of concerns that need to be addressed on a job site. With a rubbish removal service, the responsibility is off your shoulders, and the waste will be thoroughly cleared and disposed of for you.

If your worksite produces various kinds of waste, you will need to consult with your skip bin hire scheme about which sorts of garbage they collect, as not all types are collected. Ridly collects almost all kinds of waste, to keep you having to separate types of waste or conduct multiple trips to the tip.  

So, choosing between the two is about how much work you are prepared to do and whether you want to offload the responsibility to a dependable rubbish removal service like Ridly.

Wrapping Up

The Rubbish removal vs skip bins debate is a hotly contested topic. There are numerous benefits to both methods of waste disposal. However, with Ridly’s rubbish removal service, you have all the efficiency and budget-friendly benefits of a skip bin, coupled with improvements to same-day service and effective waste sorting. We provide the ultimate skip bin hire alternative.

If you’re interested in getting rid of your waste, call us on 0491 181 130 or request a quote online for any inquiries. For our environmentally aware customers, our rubbish removal service is the best in guaranteeing recycled products actually get recycled. A clear work site and a clear conscience? That’s Ridly.

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