What Can You Put Out for Hard Rubbish?

March 1, 2021

Wondering what you can put out for hard rubbish? You’re not alone.

It can be a pain when you have large items and oversized rubbish sitting around your house. Often these items can feel impossible to dispose of, and most of the time, we’re all guilting of leaving bulky household items to sit under the house or in the attic collecting dust and taking up space.

It seems all too often that we forget about the annual council pick up until it’s too late, or we’re faced with a problem when the service refuses to take the items you want to be taken away.

As a resident in Sydney, taking charge of your waste and responsibly disposing of your items is critical to decluttering your property. Here at Ridly, we’re here to provide the ultimate guide on how to get rid of hard rubbish through both our hard rubbish collection service as well as a household and kerbside collection service.

What Is Hard Rubbish?

What can you put out for hard rubbish? Well, hard rubbish refers to items that are too bulky or otherwise cannot be disposed of in line with your regular household bin collection. Think of hard rubbish as ‘hard to dispose of’ rubbish.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian households generate 12.4 million tonnes of waste annually, which accounts for 16% of the nation’s total waste. Households also contribute to the highest proportion of plastic and organic waste. With a large amount of waste coming from our households, it is important to remember the various ways in which we can responsibly dispose of and recycle our rubbish. Even for hard rubbish, there are services in place to make it easy for you to dispose of large and unwanted items so you can keep your house decluttered, safe and free from excess rubbish.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Before you ask yourself, “what can you put out for hard rubbish pickup?”, think about how you could reuse these items in another way, donate them to someone who needs them more or recycle in any other manner. If items are still in working order, you may pick up some extra cash by selling them online or holding a garage sale. If your items are broken and can’t be used in any other way, then it’s time to dispose of them.

How to Get Rid of Hard Rubbish?

You can get rid of hard rubbish either through professional services and pickups or using your council clean-ups. Council clean-ups usually only happen once or twice a year and won’t always take all of your items, leaving rubbish on your street front and potentially wasting that precious time you spent cleaning out the depths of your house. These council pickups will also limit the amount of rubbish that they pick up from each household.

What Can You Put Out for Hard Rubbish Collection?

Depending on what service you use for your disposal, the regulations may change what can you put out for hard rubbish collection. Sometimes it can be really tricky knowing what items you can and can’t put out for collection. Each council will have its own guidelines for annual or biannual pickups, and each rubbish removal service will too! To get you started, we’ve detailed a list of items such as the ones below as examples of what can typically be put out for local hard rubbish collection:

  • Carpet/underlay
  • Garden and Outdoor Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Appliances
  • Electrical Items (e.g., TV and Computers)
  • Cabinetry
  • Timber
  • Metals
  • Mats and Rugs
  • Garden Waste
  • Bedframes
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Sofas
  • Play equipment

What Won’t Be Accepted:

Although councils will have rules specific to their locality, they will generally not take items such as:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Car parts
  • Commercial waste
  • Household Chemicals
  • Building Materials
  • Items over 100kg
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Asbestos

If you are disposing of your hard waste using an annual council pickup, remember to check your local councils’ guidelines or contact them to confirm what can you put out for hard rubbish collection. They will usually have considerations for the amount of rubbish you can dispose of, certain items they do and don’t accept and how to categorise waste for pick-up. 

When booking with Ridly, we can discuss what can you put out for hard rubbish and the amount of rubbish you need collecting and the allocation of these items. We will also answer any questions you have about specific materials and items you wish to dispose of rather than just leaving them behind after we come for the pick-up. At Ridly, we offer both a hard rubbish collection service and kerbside pickup services for your waste.

Use a Hard Rubbish Specialist

Who better to ask what can you put out for hard rubbish than a rubbish removal specialist?

Employing a hard rubbish specialist's services will save you significant time and headaches, spelling out what you can and can’t dispose of. Knowing how to get rid of hard rubbish can be difficult. The items you wish to dispose of may be too heavy to move or even dangerous for you to dispose of on your own. Using the services of a rubbish removal specialist like Ridly means making sure your items are responsibly disposed of without you having to worry. You can enquire before your booking to make sure we will be able to take your items or even help you move them.

Forget about rubbish piling up, taking up much-needed space in your home or sitting there on the street. When you book a hard rubbish pick up service with Ridly, you can tell us how much you want; there’s no need to worry about spacing restriction or load limits like in council pickups.

Additionally, we are experienced in lifting, moving and taking away hard rubbish, so nothing is too bulky or hard to move for our team. Once we have completed our service, you can rest assured your rubbish is being disposed of responsibly by the best in the business.

When to Book A Hard Rubbish Pick Up

 Once you know what can you put out for hard rubbish pick up, it can make your life so much easier. Hard rubbish pickups can be particularly useful in situations where you need big bulky items removed in a safe and timely manner. These situations may include when:

You are moving to a new house: moving houses can be stressful and often results in disposing of many items that have been cluttering up your space.

Cleaning out a deceased estate: often, when cleaning out deceased estates, there are many items we wish to keep but many that need to be disposed of. When council clean-ups limit the amount of rubbish you can dispose of, a hard rubbish pickup can be a great solution.

When you are decluttering: who says it takes a significant life event to clean out the house? Don’t wait six months for your next council clean up; get cracking and book a quick and efficient hard rubbish pickup today.

When you can’t do it on your own: Sometimes it will be too hard for you to get ready for your council clean up or you don’t know what can you put out for hard rubbish collections. If you cannot dispose of your hard rubbish on your own, there is no job too hard that we can’t help you with.

When you forget about your council clean up: Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The hard rubbish has been piling up, and you’ve been holding out for the council clean up, but life got in the way, and it come and gone without you realising. Don’t wait another 6-12 months. Book a hard rubbish pickup to free up space in your home. We can even offer a same day service if you need it.

Where Will My Hard Rubbish Go?

Depending on the services you employ for your hard rubbish removal, it may result in different ways of disposing of your waste. Many councils will use waste transfer stations to sort hard rubbish into items that can be recycled and go to landfill.

As hard rubbish removal specialists, we aim to find the most sustainable disposal option for all waste types. We have a network of recycling centres and systems to achieve smart separation and achieve almost a 90% recycling rate. We aim to put the environment and clients at the centre of our work and pride ourselves on being known as Sydney’s greenest rubbish removal company.

Here at Ridly, we are specialists in answering your questions about what can you put out for hard rubbish collection. Still, we also provide many services across the Sydney region, such as building waste removal, office rubbish removal, electronic waste removal and many more. We provide fair pricing and reliable same day services for all your rubbish disposal needs. Still not sure about how to get rid of hard rubbish? Get in touch with us today to get a quote online or from one of our friendly team members by calling us now on 0491 181 130.

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