Where Can I Dispose of My Washing Machine?

March 4, 2021

Is your washing machine moving and making excessive noise whenever it is on? Are you tired of cleaning up after leaks or paying an expensive water bill? If you’ve come to these conclusions, you’ve likely realised it’s time for a new one. Whilst we’re not here to sell you a new washing machine, we’re here to help those wondering, where can I dispose of my washing machine?

Washing machines are household appliances that we use almost every day! Investing in a great washing machine is necessary for ensuring the longevity of clothing, homewares and other products. Selecting the best washing machine for your household saves you money long-term. If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of your old washing machine, you’re not alone. Sydney locals frequently ask the expert team at Ridly, “where can I dispose of my washing machine?”.

If you’ve been unsuccessfully looking for an easy solution to removing your washing machine, you might be feeling fed up with the information and options (or lack of) out there. As a result, your question might have shifted from, “where can I dispose of my washing machine?” to “where can I dump my washing machine?”. Ridly are here to urge you not to dump your washing machine. Our expert team is here to answer your questions regarding where to dispose of washing machine that is no longer in use, how to recycle old washing machine parts, and how Ridly can help you dispose of your old washing machine.  

The sooner you gain an expert opinion on the issue of where can I dispose of my washing machine, the sooner you can get yourself a new washing machine and stop worrying about leaving your washing machine unattended. Without further ado, let’s help you with all the information you need to know about washing machine disposal so that you can return to your everyday household tasks stress-free!

Where Can I Dispose of My Washing Machine?

There are many options regarding where to dispose of washing machine parts. In this section of the article, we’ll outline some of Sydney locals’ ways of disposing of their old washing machine, including selling privately or through a second-hand dealership, donating, exchanging with a whitegoods retailer, local council service and landfill.

Local Council Service

One solution regarding where to dispose of washing machine parts is to rely on your local municipality to remove them for you. Some local councils will offer whitegoods clean-up days for free; others will not offer it at all. Get in touch with your local council and call to check if they provide a free service and how they plan to dispose of your old washing machine. This information is essential, as it will give you the peace of mind to know that your machine is removed responsibly.


Landfill is the option we try to ensure all Sydney locals avoid. One of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases is old washing machines that are dumped in landfill. Materials that are left often go to waste and can cause toxic chemicals and waste to spread through the ground and into our water. Landfill disposal is dangerous for the environment, so the Ridly experts do not recommend pursuing this option.

Sell Privately or Through a Second-Hand Dealership

Selling is one of the many options for considering where to dispose of washing machine parts. The benefit of selling your washing machine is that you don’t risk the machine ending up in waste or landfill and causing harm to the environment, plus you get a return in your wallet that you can put towards the next purchase. Private sales or second-hand dealerships are great ways to sell your washing machine, depending on its condition.

Of course, selling the washing machine does rely on the washing machine to be in good working condition. If your washing machine is leaking, moving or not functioning as it should, then selling the machine is probably not something you should be considering. Another aspect of this option to be cautious of when on-selling through a second-hand dealership is to ensure you know the selling value of the washing machine. The best way to ensure you get the most from your sale is to search the model and year of your washing machine on an online sales platform to understand its value before agreeing on the price.

Donating Your Washing Machine

People who ask our team “where can I dispose of my washing machine?” often haven’t considered donating it. Once again, it is essential to note that washing machines must be in working condition if you consider donating them. However, some charities will not accept large whitegoods appliances like washing machines. Most charities won’t receive the washing machine because they need to conduct a test to ensure it is safe to sell onwards, which can be costly. Always call in advance before transporting the machine to ensure you can give it to your local charity store.

Exchange with a Whitegoods Retailer

Some good retail stores will exchange your old washing machine when you purchase a new one. Even better, retail stores may take the current value of your washing machine off the cost of the new one. If offered, this can be a mutually beneficial service. However, not all whitegoods retailers provide this service, and it may depend on your ability to transport the washing machine.

If you’re still wondering, “where can I dispose of my washing machine?”, let’s break down your options for good measure. Having your options laid out will help you responsibly dispose of your washing machine.

  • Arrange to pick it up through your local council if you are confident that they plan to remove it responsibly.
  • If your washing machine is in the right working conditions or only requires lightweight repairs, you can sell the washing machine privately or through a second-hand dealership as long as you are transparent about the state.
  • Do a good deed and donate it if it is in good condition.
  • Exchange it through a whitegoods dealer.

Whilst these options answer the question, ‘where can I dispose of my washing machine?’, it doesn’t mean that they are environmentally responsible or sustainable methods of washing machine disposal. Now that we have answered your burning questions on ‘where can I dispose of my washing machine?’, let’s talk about washing machine recycling. Washing machine recycling is a fantastic way to dispose of your old washing machine sustainably.

How to Recycle Old Washing Machine Parts

One of the best methods to encourage the Sydney community to attempt when disposing of whitegoods is to recycle. As an environmentally responsible organisation, we have a responsibility to help our community understand the difference between asking the question, ‘where can I dump my washing machine?’ vs ‘how can I responsibly remove it?’. The next section of this article will outline how to recycle old washing machine parts in an environmentally responsible manner.

All white goods, including washing machines, contain metal, steel, copper, plastic, insulators and other materials that are easily recycled. They may also have elements that may be of value. Recycling organisations will pull apart the components of the washing machine and salvage reusable metals. Recovering these materials means that they can be reprocessed into new products. Other washing machines will be crushed or shredded for recycling or use on different types of products.

There are numerous benefits of choosing to recycle your washing machine that is no longer in use. The most significant advantage of all is the service to the environment. Refurbishing, recovering and recycling washing machine materials, rather than dumping them in the landfill, has enormous benefits to the environment. Ridly work with the most sustainable recycling facilities to ensure we responsibly dispose of your old washing machine.

Now that you know how to recycle old washing machine parts, you may be seeking additional help. That’s where we come in! Ridly offer same-day washing machine removal services for Sydney locals. We’ll take your old washing machine today, before safely and responsibly disposing of it at the nearest recycling centre.

Ridly: Helping Locals Dispose of Washing Machine Parts

Washing machines are heavy, bulky and difficult to transport. You should now be an expert at answering the question, ‘where can I dispose of my washing machine?’. Now the responsibility is on you to select the right washing machine for your household and choose the most environmentally friendly option. The Ridly team’s ultimate goal is to help the Sydney community understand best practices in the disposal of white goods such as washing machines to work together to contribute to a sustainable future.

The size, awkward shape and heaviness of most washing machines can make them very difficult to move. At Ridly, we make sure the entire washing machine removal process is entirely stress and hassle-free. Our whitegoods removal Sydney services start at just $69 and don’t require you to lift a finger. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

If you want more information to answer the question, ‘where can I dispose of my washing machine?’, don’t hesitate to contact the expert Ridly team today.  

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