How to Dispose Old Bed Frames - Your Go-To Bed Disposal Guide

January 26, 2021

When considering how to dispose old bed frames, it's essential to examine the potential environmental impact of the bed disposal method you choose. Just as much as you consider, 'how to dispose of old bed', you should also contemplate, 'what is the most sustainable way I can remove a bed frame?'.

The expert team at Ridly have put together the ultimate bed disposal guide that outlines bed removal solutions that are also recycle-friendly.

We will cover multiple bed removal methods, including council collection, donation, retail store recycling program, recycling facility, upcycling, and Ridly bed frame removal. You'll notice that we haven't included 'landfill' in the list of ways that you can dispose of bed frames, because for us, that's simply not an option. Although there are several options for bed disposal, the most straightforward bed disposal is Ridly’s services.

How to dispose of an old bed will depend on the type of material your bed frame is. It is possible to recycle both metal and wooden bed frames, and there are different methods for each material.

Before we start breaking down how to dispose of the old bed frame, we'll first answer some of the frequently asked questions that Ridly receives from clients regarding bed removal Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions for How to Dispose Old Bed Frame

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Bed Frames?

The cost of bed disposal will depend on several factors. Typically, the most crucial aspect to consider when contemplating 'how to dispose of a bed' is the bed frame condition. Is the bed frame re-usable, or is there some fault in the structure that means it is no longer functional? These factors will determine whether your bed can be donated or upcycled or whether the bed frame should be subject to recycling and a facility.

Metal bed frames are more difficult to recycle than wooden bed frames. However, it is possible. One of Ridly's service's great benefits is that we have an upfront pricing model, so you'll know how much the bed disposal service will cost before we even come to your house.

You may be pleased to know that Ridly accept both wooden and metal bed frames from anywhere in Sydney, starting from $69. We will provide a tailored quote calculated according to your individual needs in terms of old bed frame disposal. Best of all, there is no hidden feed for recycling or labour. Check out our bed removal Sydney page for more information.

How Quickly Do You Do Bed Removal?

Aptly named, Ridly will dispose of your old bed frame within the same day. If you are wondering, 'how to dispose old bed frame quickly', the search ends here. Ridly are here to help you enjoy the fastest same-day bed removal service that Sydney has to offer. Call before 2 pm for same day bed frame removal.

How to Dispose Old Bed Frame On The Weekend?

Ridly have a weekend rubbish removal service throughout greater Sydney. Based on the information you provide us; we will provide a free quote over the phone or email.

Can You Remove More Than the Bed Frame?

Absolutely! The team at Ridly are trusted rubbish removal experts. We are trusted in both residential and commercial rubbish removal in the Greater Sydney Region.

Do I Need to Prepare Anything for Bed Frame Removal?

No, you will not be required to prepare anything for the bed frame removal. That's one of the best things about hiring Ridly for bed removal Sydney. The heavy lifting is done for you by our professional removal team. You don't even have to be present if you have other commitments! As long as the team can access the bed frame and other rubbish that needs removal, we can do the whole thing without your presence.

What Makes Ridly the Experts on How to Dispose Old Bed Frames?

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of removing and recycling almost all types of rubbish and waste for both residential and commercial clients. We set the standard for extracting and recycling waste and force other waste removalists to keep up with our sustainable practices.

What Makes Ridly Better Than Other Rubbish Removal Services?

The most significant advantage of using Ridly for rubbish removal Sydney is that we offer same day bed frame removal. We’re passionate about providing efficient rubbish removal for our clients, and we always deliver on time.

Another advantage of Ridly bed frame removal is that we are one of the cheapest Rubbish Removal services that Sydney offers. Ridly have no hidden fees and our service starts at $69. We'll give you a free quote and tailor the cost of bed frame removal for your specific needs.

Thirdly, we are the most sustainable and environmentally conscious rubbish removal available in Sydney. Our goals are to reduce the amount of Australian rubbish that ends up in landfill and reduce the greenhouse effects of incorrect or irresponsible rubbish disposal.

Alternative Methods for How to Dispose Old Bed Frames

How to Dispose Bed Frame: Council Collection

Some local municipalities will offer a collection service, which means you will just need to leave the bed frame at a specified location for the collectors. However, not every locality will offer this service, and it may take some time for the council to collect the bed frame.

How to Dispose Bed Frames through donation

Bed frames can last years and years, and although you might have outgrown the style or look of your bed frame, whether it be wooden or metal, there might be someone out there who loves it, or better yet, someone who needs it that may not have the opportunity to purchase a new one.

How to Dispose Old Bed Frames with Retail Store Recycling Programs

Some retail stores that you purchase your next bed frame from will have an in-house recycling program. Retail stores are likely to require you to be able to transport the bed frame yourself, however. Hence, it's essential to consider whether you have the physical capability to move an entire bed frame, and the means to transport the bed frame.

How to Dispose Old Bed Frames with A Recycling Facility

Taking your old bed frame, whether it be a wooden or metal frame, to your local recycling facility is an excellent option for people who can efficiently transport the bed frame. However, it's essential to consider that bed frames are often heavy, bulky, and not easy to manoeuvre.

Metal bed frames can typically be recycled through a scrap metal facility, whereas wooden bed frames are accepted at several recycling facilities. Ridly's benefit is that we'll do all the heavy lifting for you – you don't even need to lift a finger. Additionally, our skilled professional rubbish removal team will take away both wooden and metal frames.

How to Dispose of a Bed with Upcycling

Upcycling your old bed frame is a sustainable and creative way to transform your bed frame provided that your bed frame is still in usable condition. There are many DIY tips and tricks that will help you in styling a new bedhead or frame. Usually, a few coats of paint and some sanding will do wonders for your bed frame, at minimal cost and effort. The best part? The bed frame gets a whole new life.

The Benefits of Using Ridly for Bed Disposal

Ridly is the most convenient bed frame disposal that Sydney has to offer. Our mission is to be the easiest and efficient rubbish removal service in Sydney. Some of the benefits of using Ridly for bed disposal include:

  • Quick, convenient, same day bed frame removal.
  • Affordable service with no hidden fees.
  • Trusted service that you can rely on.
  • Respectful and transparent methods of rubbish removal.
  • Sustainable recycling and disposal services that support local communities.

Ridly deliver fast and reliable same-day bed removal services that Sydney locals love.  The upfront pricing model Ridly have adopted means you'll know how much it will cost for bed removal Sydney before we take it away. Ridly remove rubbish, including old beds and bed frames, from residential properties locally. Our rate starts from $69.

For more information on Ridly's old bed frame disposal service, visit our bed removal Sydney page. Already sold on Ridly for bed disposal services? To get a free quote on how to dispose of old bed in Sydney, contact Ridly's friendly team on 0491 181 130.

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