Why Should We Recycle in 2022?

March 10, 2022

Having an indifferent response to recycling and taking care of the planet is an attitude of a bygone time. Caring about the world we live in should be everyone’s top concern.

But why should we recycle? Better still, why do we need to recycle?

Recycling is essential to preserving our planet and reducing the accumulation of waste around our cities. Within this guide, Ridly will give you the ten most important reasons why you need to be recycling and how you can start recycling correctly today.

Recycling is the process of converting our household or commercial waste into new, valuable products that can be used until they become ready to be recycled. It forms part of a closed-loop economy where every material has uses that continue long after its first use. Everyday waste materials that need to be recycled include plastic bottles, cardboard, paper, aluminium, food, and drink cartons, and more. Read on below for our ten reasons why recycling is important.

10 Reasons to Start Recycling

1. Recycling Keeps Waste Away From Landfills

The first reason why should we recycle is that the more we recycle, the more we keep away from landfills. Landfills are one of the key contributors to harmful environmental effects such as toxins seeping into the surrounding environment and damaging fumes such as methane being emitted from the sites.

2. Reduces Our Need to Use New Raw Materials

Drawing new raw materials out from the environment is an expensive and harmful process. The world is drawing on natural resources at a much quicker rate than the resources are renewing. By taking less from the environment and drawing on more recycled materials, the more we protect the environment.  

3. Recycling Saves Energy

Why is recycling important? Recycling is important because it saves energy. Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process is an excellent way of extracting less energy that is required to construct the same product, were it made with new raw materials. Companies that use recycled aluminium can save up to 95% of their energy usage during the production of new aluminium products when compared to other companies that source it from raw materials.

4. Lowers Air Pollution

Some waste that eventually ends up in landfills decomposes that release toxic gases into the environment. So why should we recycle? Well, like many, if you don’t appreciate the smell released into the atmosphere by unnecessary waste dumped in landfills then you should be concerned with recycling at home or in the office. Recycling paper also reduces our need to cut down trees continually; trees are a vital counter to the greenhouse effect as they remove the carbon dioxide in the air and help purify the air we breathe.

5. You Can Make a Dollar Out Of It

If the environmental incentives aren’t enough of a reason as to why do we need to recycle, then maybe a chance at some extra money will shift your opinion. Many industries offer individuals a small financial incentive for turning in their recyclables. Governments provide a small return and earn program that takes old drink cans, plastic bottles or glass jars and swap them for small amounts of money. It’s not a lot, but every dollar counts!

6. Conservation of Wildlife

The lives of the millions of animals and creatures we co-inhabit the earth with substantially improve when you make a more conscious effort in recycling. Linking back to the point about conserving natural resources, where we source these resources are often the habitats of animals. Recycling and leaving these spaces for the use of animals boost their population.

7. Creates Jobs

The creation of new employment opportunities is another reason as to why should we recycle. Recycling is a massively growing industry and promotes the creation of new jobs sorting recycled products and allotting them to use further. More jobs are needed to manage recycling to the level it needs to be at to ensure its benefits to the environment.

8. Keeps Groundwater Clean

Recycling keeps harmful materials away from landfills which reduces the contamination of groundwater. Much of the waste that neglectful disposal sends to landfills is not biodegradable and contains harmful toxins that seep into the ground and pollute the groundwater. This has all manner of problems; Rain can rush through this contaminated groundwater and push it to other water sources. Materials like batteries, white goods, and e-waste often contain these harmful chemicals that should be kept well clear of the environment.  

9. Creates Sustainable Practices

To ensure a sustainable future, individuals need to start taking responsibility for taking care of the planet for future generations. By engraining recycling practices into our society, we are ensuring a pattern of care and respect for the planet that will safeguard its positive effects.

10. Boosts the Economy

To ensure a sustainable future, individuals need to start taking responsibility for taking care of the planet for future generations. By engraining recycling practices into our society, we are ensuring a pattern of care and respect for the planet that will safeguard its positive effects.

Importance of Recycling Correctly

Not only do you need to understand why is recycling important, but also the importance of recycling correctly. Items that are not recyclable can damage the equipment used to sort and allocate these items and cause delays in the process. When incorrect materials get mixed in with the correct one, otherwise known as “contamination”, it significantly reduces the effectiveness of the other materials it came into contact with to be recycled appropriately.

Where You Should Recycle

There are several places in all cities (including Sydney) that you can recycle your household or commercial waste. For many houses, the council collects recycling once a week or each fortnight. However, for those with excess amounts of recycling can go to local facilities themselves or return and earn stations.

Ridly provide a practical household and commercial rubbish and recycling solution that will ensure we take any excess junk from your home or office and make sure it is recycled responsibly. Our team are committed to providing a rubbish removal service that aids in a cleaner, more sustainable future. So, when you use Ridly, you are trusting your recycling to a business that does its part for the planet.

What You Need to Recycle

The most common household materials you need to be aware of when it comes to recycling are:

  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Batteries
  • E-Waste

Ensure that when you recycle anything, the used products are clean, as contamination can affect entire loads when being diverted from landfill to recycling.

Recycle With Ridly

Humans, animals, and agriculture all need clean water to thrive. One or a combination of litter, chemical runBy now, you should not only know why do we need to recycle, but also why is recycling important! Starting at only $69, Ridly will come to collect your excess recycling and ensure it is kept away from landfills and sent to the proper recycling facilities. We take pride in being Australia’s premier rubbish removal service that sorts and recycles everything we collect. Call us on 0491 181 130 or request a quote online for any inquiries about your recycling system and how we can help.

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